Rise of Darkness Chapter#1

The game begins in the world with the c3 map. Reach max level 75 and upgrade Your gear to Grade-A by killing raidbosses and farming the best locations. Take part in the Olympiad to increase Your stats.

Awakening Chapter#2

World is changing. Explore and conquer a new locations, You have the entire c5 map at Your disposal. Increase Your level to 80, complete 3rd profession and become a nobless. Upgrade Your equipment to Grade-S. Capture Fortresses and new Castles.

Forgotten Isle Chapter#3

Explore Forgotten Isle, but better take Your friends with You. Face mighty monsters and take over the world. Increase Your level to 85 and get Dynasty gear.

28 Dec

Grand Opening 03.03.2023

We are pleased to announce that the official start of the...

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13 Dec

Open Beta Test 24.02.2023

We are pleased to announce that the Open Beta Test will be...

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28 Nov

Closed Alpha Test Completed

After many months of testing and work. We have officially...

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